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    “Family is the place where the storm stops behind the door, a moist nest so that every person who returns will feel happy and at peace.”
    Indeed, family in everyone’s heart is always a place to return to, and despite the difficulties, hardships, of work and life outside, family is still a place for us to be healed and welcomed. receive love and happiness. In order to honor the traditional cultural values of the Vietnamese family, it is also an opportunity for emotional attachment and building close relationships between family members and between generations in the family. . Therefore, since 2001, June 28 every year has been chosen as Vietnamese Family Day as a reminder for each person to take care of his or her family, because no matter where you go, whatever you do, Family is still a place to remember, to love and to return to.
    For each person, there are many places to go but only one place to return to, which is home. Family is not only a loving fulcrum but also a motivation for each person to develop and improve themselves. Due to the characteristics of work, long business trips, far from the mainland, away from family and absent during holidays, Tet, etc., for crew members, it seems to have become a habit, but in these days A special ceremony like this also makes them feel nostalgic for their family. Being away from family is probably the biggest challenge for each crew member when choosing to go to sea as a second life. But in the end, the most complete happiness for the crew is probably the feeling of returning home to be energized after each journey, seeing the happiness and joy of the wife, the cheers of the crew. children, with hugs and kisses full of love and longing.
    Vietnam Family Day is a very special and meaningful holiday to honor Vietnamese families, for seafarers, today is even more special because perhaps it is also an opportunity to honor those who have lost their lives. The mother and the silent wife have understood, shared and been a source of motivation for the crew members to rest assured in their work and dedication for the company.
    Wishing all crew members peace, good health and much development at Dong Long Group, thank you for the solid rear of the crew members and wish you a very happy, peaceful and happy Vietnamese family day. happy.

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