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    On the afternoon of June 25, 2022, on the occasion of World Seafarers Day, at Dong Long Group football field, Dong Long Maritime Transport Group Joint Stock Company held a football tournament for seafarers to respond to the national day. crew health.
    Attending the tournament were the company’s officers and crew members and the company’s officers and employees, all divided into 3 teams. A team of company employees and two teams representing the crew force, the teams compete in a knockout format, the two strongest teams will participate in the final round.
    In the exciting and exciting atmosphere of the seafarers gratitude festival, Dong Long Group believes that the tournament will bring moments of healthy entertainment, health training for crew members and especially for the crew. building a spirit of solidarity and mutual attachment between crew members and between crew members and the company.
    In the spirit of honest and noble sports competition, the teams have devoted the audience to eye-catching ball phases, performing dramatic, fierce situations and playing their best. The final result of the tournament, the championship belonged to the engine crew, the second prize belonged to the company’s officers and employees and the third prize belonged to the deck crew.
    As part of the events in response to World Seafarers Day, this year’s ball tournament is also a deep gratitude of the company’s leadership for the crew members who have been with and with Dong Long over the years. Thank you for the contributions and dedication of the crew members in the development of Dong Long Group. Wishing all crew members a meaningful anniversary, lots of health and always success in life.
    *Some pictures of the ball tournament.

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    (Mr.) Luu Phung Hoang Nghia – Human Resources Director of the company, awarded medals and prizes to the winning team

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    Capt Nguyen Thanh Hai awarded the second and third place teams.

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