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    A birthday is a particularly meaningful event for many people. As a time when relatives and family gather together to celebrate, birthday is also an opportunity to bond the feelings of each family member, to share joy and happiness with each other and to wish each other together. good things in life. But for those who are the crew’s rear, days like this often have to be without a husband, father, son, etc., long business trips, far from the mainland, making a living for a forced life. so I have to be away from my family. As a custom as a traditional cultural beauty of the Dong Long Group’s extended family, July was special when Dong Long Group sent many birthday greetings to the crew’s rear during the month.
    For each crew member’s rear, on the annual birthday, the company’s Union representative will send birthday wishes and send cakes to the family to encourage morale and share the joy with the boat family. pellets.
    As part of meaningful activities for crew members’ families, birthday parties for crew members’ rear or crew members returning home to rest and wait for a new job has become one of the traditional beauties in the company’s corporate culture. Dong Long Group, showing the company’s interest in seafarers and crew members’ families.
    On behalf of the Union of Dong Long Maritime Transport Group Joint Stock Company, I wish you/uncle/sister/grandchild, a new age with lots of joy, happiness and good health.

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    Company union congratulates Mr. Tinh – the father of crewman Nguyen Quang Truong, working on the Festival ship

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    Company union congratulates Ms. Thuy on birthday – wife of crewman Roan Dinh Khiem, working on board Lucky Grace

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    Company union congratulates Ms. Ha on birthday – wife of crewman Hoang Van Anh, working aboard Worship Light

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    Company union congratulates Ms. Ha on her birthday – wife of crewman Duong Thanh hiwwpj, working on board Festival

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    Company union congratulates Ms. Tram – wife of crew member Phan Viet Ha, working on the Harmony Six ship

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