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    Goodbye June of the hot summer days, July comes with showers to cool down the hot summer sun. At Dong Long Group, July seems to be more special and happier when Dong Long Group has the opportunity to wish birthday wishes to the aunts/uncle/sisters/grandchildren who are the rear of the crew members working at Dong Long Group. Dong Long Group.
    For each person, each year’s birthday is an important day for themselves to recall many memories, to be grateful for their birth, and also a day for family, relatives and friends to celebrate a successful new year. and happy. With the desire to share happiness with the family, celebrating birthdays for the crew’s rear has long become a cultural beauty in the activities of Dong Long Group’s Trade Union, in order to take care of the spiritual life. and grateful for the contributions of the rear forces who have always been a solid support for the crew members to work and work at the head of the storm.
    The Executive Board of Dong Long Group’s trade union wishes her/uncle/sister/grandchild to pass the new age with lots of joy, happiness and success in life.

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    Company union congratulates Ms.Vinh on birthday – wife of crewman Nguyen Van Hai, working aboard the Quebec ship

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    Company union congratulates Ms.Hue on birthday – mother of crew member Pham Van Manh, working on Microstep ship

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    The company’s union congratulates Ms. Huong on her birthday – crewmate Pham Duy Bang, working on the Worship Lightt

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    Company union congratulates Ms. Nhung on her birthday – wife of crewman Luong Van Tan, working on the Festiv shipal

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    Company union congratulates baby Dung on the birthday – son of crewman Truong Dinh Dong, working on the Microstep ship

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    Company union congratulates Ms. Lien on birthday – wife of crewman Nguyen Van Minh, working on Microstep ship

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    Company union congratulates Ms. Hang – wife of crew member Dinh Xuan Cuong, working on the Padian 3

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    Company union congratulates Mr. Binh on the birthday of crewman Le Thanh Tien, working on the Padian 3

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    The company’s union congratulates Binh on the birthday – the son of crewman Nguyen Cao Cuong, working on the Quebec ship

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    Company union congratulates baby Yen Tram on birthday – daughter of crewman Nguyen Tien Suc, working on Harmony Ocean ship

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