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    In recent years, the world is experiencing many great changes such as epidemics, natural disasters, wars, climate change, etc. Only in the past two years, Vietnam in particular and the world in general have experienced a fierce time with many events and consequences caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, many values have been changed. change and reverse. Europe with liberalism had to use masks as a mandatory measure to prevent epidemics, Asia with the criterion “work is glory” also had to change with the slogan “stay at home is patriotic”. ”, the vaccine passport is a condition of travel in any country or region around the world. The only thing that can’t be changed is that even though countries have blockades and restrictions on travel, most of the world’s traffic is still transported by sea on ships. Working hard and hard on those ships is the crew – the children of the sea. To recognize and honor the dedication and important contributions of the world’s seafarers to the international maritime industry, the world economy and society in general, the World Maritime Organization (IMO) sent gratitude to seafarers around the world on June 25 every year with the name “International Seafarers Day” – the day of seafarers.
    In the years of overcoming the consequences after the Covid-19 pandemic, shipping in general and Dong Long Group in particular have had new positive points, but there are still potential challenges. Dong Long Group believes that with solid bravery, professional qualifications and skills that have been equipped with increasing experience, officers and crew members in the Dong Long Group family will continue to share, stick together, unite and unite with Dong Long Group’s staff to make more contributions to the sustainable and stable development of Dong Long Group.
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    Full text of an open letter from the company’s leaders to crew members on World Seafarer’s Day June 25
    On the occasion of World Seafarers Day, once again, we would like to express our sincere thanks to the crew of Dong Long Group in particular and seafarers around the world in general. Wishing the crew members always healthy, strong, brave at the head of the storm to carry out their noble mission.
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