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    In the journeys of ships, the human factor always plays an important role, having a decisive meaning in safety in the efficient operation and exploitation of the ship. Incidents and accidents on ships are more or less related to the causes of “ignorance” caused by humans. Therefore, at Dong Long Maritime Transport Group Joint Stock Company, before each crew member enters the ship, the crew member will be required to attend at least one training session. The purpose of the training sessions is to equip seafarers before entering the ship with a “safe luggage”, the skills to be ready to respond, reduce risks and accidents when working on the ship, and finally will help them “get there, get there” safely.
    In addition to professional knowledge, disseminating specific jobs and duties according to each title for seafarers when working on board, safety training is also one of the extremely important contents that seafarers need to be trained in. know before entering the train. Because on every trip there will always be potential risks and accidents, so safety training activities will prevent accidents for the crew members and ensure the safety of other members on the ship. These are the updates and additions of new regulations, current laws, information about new policies, new operating routes of ships, as well as new equipment, new technologies of ships, etc.
    In addition to professional knowledge and safety training, education on professional ethics is also mentioned frankly in training sessions, helping seafarers to recognize right and wrong behaviors, emphasizing acts that cause serious consequences for the company and for the seafarers themselves if the crew members do not comply or intentionally do wrong such as: smuggling, profiteering, property theft, etc. to disseminate the necessary rules and regulations. strictly obeyed, preventing wrong and unacceptable acts of seafarers.
    Training time for crew members will be held while the crew is in isolation at the company’s accommodation area. The training of seafarers is increasingly organized professionally and seriously by a team of managers who are captains and chief engineers with highly specialized knowledge and long sea experience on many domestic and international ships. After each training session, crew members will be given a guided knowledge test to ensure that each crew member is updated, supplemented with professional knowledge and safety training before each time they enter the ship.
    At Dong Long, we clearly understand that the crew is the image representing the quality of the company’s services, for that reason the company always ensures to build and train a team of highly qualified crew members. knowledge, good professional ethics to accompany the company in the future.

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    C/E Tu Chi Hung – Deputy Technical Manager of Dong Long Shipping Group Joint Stock Company training crew members of Worship Light

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    Training activities for crew members of Padian 3

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    C/E Dinh Quang Tuan – Technical Manager of Dong Long Maritime Transport Group Joint Stock Company training crew members on Lucky Wisdom ship

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    Training activities for Microhip ships

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